Thursday, June 12, 2014

Letter to the Editor

I went on a ten minute rampage into the "Submit" box in the Letters to the Editor section of a few months ago, and magically, it was published in real newspaper form. I figured I should save and post what happens when I get angry, so read below. If you would like some funny slash slightly scary reading, click on the link to the online version of my letter and scroll down to the comments section...

For a bit of context for this letter, the Idaho State Legislature has been refusing to even have a hearing to consider adding the words "sexual orientation and gender identity" to the Idaho Human Rights Act. Sadly, this is not shocking, considering the political mindset in this state.

My letter in its full, less than 200 words glory:

There seems to be quite a bit of misinterpretation about what the Add the Words protesters are attempting to accomplish, which is noticeable when I read the online comments section on stories about the campaign. I feel part of this blame can be placed on the news media. Could media outlets stop using the phrase "protections for LGBT community" and other similar phrases? It has the connotation of giving special rights to this segment of the population, which is not at all the case. It is about giving equal protection under the law for all people, no matter what their sexual orientation.
As it stands right now, someone could be legally discriminated against because they are straight, as sexual orientation is not included in the Idaho Human Rights Act. So, these are not "special" protections, but protections for everyone, just as the words "race," "gender," etc., protect everyone, not just racial minorities or women.
It's not much of a wonder that the state Legislature has refused to give this bill a hearing, when the language used by our media to convey it seems to misrepresent the core of the issue: Equal (not special) rights for all.

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